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24/05/2018 12:00 à 16:00Conférence "IP and Competition in our economy (Pharma excluded) : SEPs issue at the global digitalization dawn"            





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​​Conférence of may 24th - At Gide Loyrette Nouel, Paris


"IP and Competition in our economy (Pharma excluded) :

Standard Patent issue at the global digitalization dawn"



- Speakers:
·         Professor Peter PICHT (YALE), Pr Peter Picht, Zurich University and Max Planck Institute
·         Catherine Menes, Peugeot
·         Daniel Culley, Cleary Gottlied Steen & Hamilton
·         Robin Stitzing, Nokia
·         Philippe Lanet, Technicolor

- Moderators

. André-Pascal Chauvin, AVALUE IP
. Sophie Pasquier, Philips


- The conference program:

  1. Introduction: High level technical explanation
    1. What is IoT and why standards are so important?
    2. How 5G is seminal to IoT? .
      1. How does IoT interact with 5G.

2.       Today’s picture :

1.       Although we are still at the begining of the implementation of this new market, many IP  issues were raised by the various stakeholders (State bodies, European Commission, FTC, Courts, SSOs, industry Alliances, companies...).

1.       Regulatory bodies in EU and US: European Commission, US Government (which one from US regulatory body are thinking about?).  

2.       Case law in EU

3.       Case law in US

2.       What is the Level of satisfaction regarding above communications, recommendations, judgmentsthrough each speaker’s point of view:

1.       In terms of State involvment vs private vs Court?

2.       How do the legal system and the regulations presently resolve the existing issues?


3.       If we consider that connectivity and data sharing are undoubtedly a major leverage for new markets and products, how do different industries get together?

1.       Is a mere adaptation of present/traditional  SEP licensing practices a viable solution?

2.       Is it applicable to both identified products and platforms selling solutions?

3.       Would you consider other rules? With more or fewer obligations to SEP owners and standard implementers?

1.       For instance building new “practices” such as obligation to build pools or similar.

2.       Or having new rules : Global portfolio, fixed rates, potential licensees identified from each value chain, royalty base, free license, royalty cap...

3.       Open Standards and Open Source: What are they? Is it a way /a path to explore?

4.       Does the financing of Innovation by SEPs lead to distort competition?  

1.       Is there a sufficient reward for innovation? What are the revenues going back to innovation.  Who shares the licensing revenues?

2.       Who really pays for intellectual property in the value chain? Should it be the manufacturer of the smallest salable unit or another player in a higher position in the value chain with a different base to be defined?  

3.       Can pools and other licensing entities provide benefits to SEP licensing in the IoT?

4.       What about suppliers who are transverse to sectors?

4.       Transparency

1.       On a longer term, could  total transparency be a viable and good  approach to improve SEP licensing:

1.       Which patents are really essential? The big issue is that today too many patents are declared as being essential whereas many are not. Should we change the way the patents are declared at SSO level to avoid the inflation we face today?

2.       Should the SSO or a third party validate the essentiality ?

3.       Should the SSO improve their data bases so that the information about numbers of SEPs is more easily accesssible?  

4.       Total transparency on licensing terms and conditions?Total transparency on the technical field subject to the essentiality claimed?

2.       Which mechanism?


5.        Conclusion: What could be the minimum rules and means related to SEP licensing to make strong innovation sustainable while promoting standard adoption and not abusing?


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