LES France activities

The LES France organizes its own activities, while also actively contributing to those of LES International.


LES France activities :


Conferences on themes of mutual interest: several are organized each year on current topics, in various forms. They provide an opportunity for meetings and discussions between members and with other major players in economics and intellectual property.

Training : to acquire or improve knowledge on best practices in licensing and technology transfers.

The Annual Meeting : this is an opportunity to bring together the entire network of members and discuss current topics, with participation from outside presenters.



LES International activities


International conferences: organized one or more times per year, alternating continents. Issues related to industrial property and IP leveraging (licensing and technology transfers) are addressed. They allow members to meet and share their experience.

International thematic or sectorial committees, which are places for reflection and proposals on an international scale


  • Themes : Patent and Technology Licensing, Trademark and Character Licensing, Copyright and Computer Technology Licensing, etc.
  • Sectorial : Chemistry, Biotechnology, Health, Multimedia, etc.

The review: Les Nouvelles


Each member receives this quarterly review in English, which offers articles, testimonials and best practices, as well as updates on the activities of LES International and the national associations.




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